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Some Testimonials and Emails of satisfied patients:

Hi Dr Kanjoor,

Not sure if you got my last e-mail but i went to a specialist Bra fitter in London (does the queen!) and she said she was very impressed with your work and it was a very good job (which i knew) i also got some bra in the correct size 30E ! which was a pleasant shock and i have NO discomfort at all any more ( not that i had much before just slight ache at the end of the day).

So i am 100% up for the liposuction as soon as possible, July is out until the end as i have a couple of Friends coming to stay from the Uk, but late July early August would be great just let me know when your back from trip to India (by the way Craig really wants to go there can you recommend some where). I just wanted to ask scar size and can you do it in the crease of my bum so you don't see it and also recovery time, when can i exercise again ect! also will i have to wear support stockings? i'm sure i do but for how long? just so i can plan holidays ect without looking like an old lady.

Many thanks hope your family is well,
Speak to you soon
Best Wishes

Dear Dr Kanjoor,

just wanted - once again, via this mean of communication- say thank
you for your hospitality, your professional involvment with the
patients to make them feel at ease. Thank you for all the time you
took in explaining me the procedure.
I can only hope you yourself are satisfied with the "work of art" you
did. I, for my part, know already now that my bottom is really good.
For my hips, well, maybe time will bring me more understanding. I
believe, my expectations were too high.....
Thanks again for what you did. Thank you also to the Belhoul Hospital
and the team who got to be my "surrogate" family for the week.
Sincere regards,

P.S.: Please, do not forget to send me the pictures.......:-)))) " 


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